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The idea for Sugar Plum Bakery existed long before we opened our doors. The seed was planted while Mr Muhammad Riaz was studying hotel management in Switzerland and continued to take root throughout his education and travel to different countries.

In the search for a name for this new bakery, I wanted something not connected to any country or culture, yet reflecting my philosophy.

Much has been written about the mystique of bread and how a simple and elementary food has such magnetism— the soul and passion of the baker transcends into the loaf that is shared with the community. Based on the model of the traditional old-world village bakery; the bread has unique characteristics because of the use of available regional ingredients.

The philosophy of the bakery is to enhance both the natural products and the flavor of the various grains. The baked goods are created from apples, potatoes, cranberries and hazelnuts, as well as wheat, rye, barley and buckwheat flour.

The bakers at Sugar Plum love bread and that shows in the quality. This is bread that celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.

- Muhammad Riaz -
Managing Director


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